V2O Aquarium  Cool-Processed Flake Food Marine 3oz

V2O Aquarium Cool-Processed Flake Food Marine 3oz

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V2O's V-Pure CP series is among the freshest fish food on the market. It is “cool-processed”, so is never heated above 120F which protects the LIVE PROBIOTICS in the foodThis process also retains 95% many nutrients such as Vitamin C, amino acids, essential enzymes, Omega 3 fatty acids and natural pigments for coloration, which would otherwise be lost in the process.

- Superior Cool-Temp processed
- Abundantly more pure marine ingredients
- Better retention of essential nutrients
- Made in small batches to ensure freshness
- New textures and full-bodied flavor
- Enriched with SELCO

Feeding Instructions:
- Immerse flakes under water when feeding to avoid flakes going into filter overflows
- Feed sparingly

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