Culturing Vinegar Eels

 Vinegar eels are by far the easiest live food to feed your fry. They are great for any fry that has a mouth to small for baby brine shrimp or microworms.
 Such as Tetra, Danio, Betta, Corydoras, Apistogramma, Killifish, and Gouramis.
 Unlike microworms they can survive in freshwater for an extended period of time.
Very easy to culture. All you need is a starter culture, a container for the culture, an apple, apple cider vinegar, coffe filters and a turkey baster.
After a couple of weeks of placing the culture and all above in your container they will be ready to harvest. They grow in population very quickly. Simply use the turkey baster to get required amount to feed and put in a coffee filter on top of a jar. Let it drain and rinse the coffee filter into a container with freshwater and the eels will come off the filter into your freshwater and it is ready to put into your tanks with your fry.
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