1157 Potted Amazon Sword echinodorus bleheri

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Family: Alismataceae

Common Name: Amazon Sword

Origin and Habitat: Tropical regions of South America

Ideal position in aquarium

In smaller aquaria, use as a specimen plant. In larger aquaria, 4-feet and more in length, can be used as specimen or background plants.

Lighting requirements

Moderate; grows well in diffused light. May manage in lower light.

Growth rate


Minimum Tank Suggestion

See description

Water parameters for Amazon Sword

Soft to slightly hard (hardness to 15 dGH), acidic to slightly basic (pH 5 to 7.5) water, temperature 24-28C/75-82F.


One of the most common aquarium species of sword plants and one of the most hardy and beautiful. Mid-green leaves numbering anywhere up to 30 arise from the crown and grow out in a fan formation to a length of up to 50 cm (20 inches) with the blade lanceolate and acute at both ends. Will often grow to the surface, so in larger tanks the plant will generally develop much larger in height if provided with adequate fertilization. A deep substrate is needed (minimum 3-4 inches); the root system is large, and will spread vertically and horizontally through the substrate far from the plant.

Echinodorus plants are heavy feeders, and require regular fertilization with a comprehensive liquid fertilizer and/or substrate fertilizer. If the leaves develop yellowing or transparent patches, it is a sign of insufficient nutrients, sometimes but not always iron, as several nutrient deficiencies will cause these conditions. A balanced comprehensive fertilizer is much more preferable to iron fertilization.

E. bleherae will produce an inflorescence (flower stalk), sometimes two or three at the same time and up to six or seven each year, which grow to the surface but underwater develop plantlets from the nodes. It does not send out substrate runners. The plantlets may be detached as new young plants once they develop sufficient roots and leaves, usually within 2-3 months.

As with the majority of species in this genus, E. bleherae is a bog (marsh) plant in nature, spending half the year emersed (during which it flowers) and half submersed. It prefers to grow submersed and therefore adapts well to fully-submersed conditions and is thus an excellent aquarium plant. Aquatic leaves will be quite different from emersed leaves, in shape, size and texture. Newly-purchased plants have often been propagated emersed by nurseries and when grown in the aquarium the developing submersed leaves will be different from those on the plant at purchase, and the older leaves will yellow and should then be removed.

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