CaribSea Frag Zone, 2.25 lb. Box

CaribSea Frag Zone, 2.25 lb. Box

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Get your frags seated faster on this preconditioned rubble!

LifeRock FragZone is the result of many requests to make popular LifeRock series in a small rubble size for the attachment of coral frags and more. Calcium carbonate rubble is treated with a reef-safe porous coating which allows rapid and easy adhesion of frags either naturally or with the help of the proper adhesive (species dependent). FragZone is also treated with live beneficial bacteria to help keep your system healthy and thriving. Simply rinse in seawater and attach frags directly to the rock or in the case of some species, just place them adjacent to the FragZone and let nature do it's thing!

Package Sizes: 1 box about 2.25 pounds

Use: Marine and Reef Aquaria

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