Hygger Submersible Heater 1 to 5 gallon 10w

Hygger Submersible Heater 1 to 5 gallon 10w

  • $19.99

  • Aquarium Portable Heater

    hygger aquarium portable heater has a 59-93F temperature range, for small glass or acrylic aquariums up to 26 gallons, it can be used for both freshwater and marine water, ideal for small fish tanks and turtle tanks. Whatever how small your tank is, you can find the right portable water heater here. The heater can switch the temp display to ℉ or ℃.

Memory Function

The portable water heater has a memory function that can maintain the setting when the power is back on.

Dry Run & Overheating Protection

When the water temperature exceeds 93 °F, the portable heater will stop heating; when the tank’s water level is lower than the minimum and the heater is exposed to air, the controller will display an error code “E1” and shut off automatically, but it will resume functioning when it is fully submerged again. It also will stop heating after reaching the set temperature.
The dry run and overheating ensure the aquarium inhabitants live safely at a suitable temperature.

Super Mini Aquarium Heater

This heater is “thumb size”, it is only 4.1″ -4.9″(10.5 cm-12.5 cm) in length. Great for nano tanks/betta/turtle tanks. The innovative super mini size perfectly solves the needs of small fish tanks. It takes up less space in the tank and is easy to hide in full power.