Ista CO2 Bubble Counter (2 in 1)

Ista CO2 Bubble Counter (2 in 1)

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2 in 1 CO2 Bubble Counter Plus Check Valve

Easy to install. The hose mechanism is quite simple (similar to canister filters), it's perfect to use with the MAX MIX CO2 REACTOR, because it allows to control the CO2 flow, once it's impossible to control the CO2 flow using only the reactor.



  • 2 in 1 functions: CO2 bubble counter and check valve.
  • CO2 pipe fasten screw node provided to assure burst out of the CO2 pipe.
  • Spring type check valve is the best in preventing back flow.
  • Acrylic material provides clear and easy bubble reading. Acid and break resistant.
  • Easy disassembling of the cap in filling up water.

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