Fritz Clarifier Water Conditioner - 8 oz

Fritz Clarifier Water Conditioner - 8 oz

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Clarifier Water Conditioner - 8 oz

Fritz Clarifier quickly clears up cloudy, discolored water caused by overfeeding, biological blooms, gravel dust, and other floating particles too fine to be removed by mechanical filtration and kept in the water column. By pulling together (or flocculating) fine particles, this clarifier allows those particles to settle at the bottom of your aquarium or be collected and removed by your filter. This clarifier does not impact bio-filtration, pH, or any other vital water parameters (as similar products may). Safe for use with freshwater, saltwater, reef aquariums, and ponds. 100% phosphate free and safe for all fish, plants, or invertebrates. Does not create future cloudy water issues.

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