Hikari Cichlid Gold - Baby Pellets - 2 oz

Hikari Cichlid Gold - Baby Pellets - 2 oz

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Cichlid Gold - Baby Pellets - 2 oz

Hikari Cichlid Gold® contains special color enhancers designed to bring out the natural beauty and proper form of Cichlids and other larger tropical fish. Hikari utilizes the highest grade of ingredients formulated in exacting quantities to produce a food that will bring the brilliant colors of your fish to life! Floating pellets allow easy monitoring of the amount eaten, which helps eliminate over-feeding while reducing water quality problems. High in Carotene and NS Germ to bring out natural, brilliant colors and reduce washed out colors. Stabilized Vitamin-C helps support immune system health, while promoting a long and healthy life. An excellent daily diet with outstanding nutrition and high protein levels for improved growth rates. Will not cloud water. Ingredients: Fish meal, flaked corn, wheat flour, gluten meal, brewer's dried yeast, starch, enzyme, garlic, astaxantin, DL-methionine, monosodium glutamate, vitamins and minerals including stabilized vitamin C.

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