HydrOasis Thelambu Pod Count

HydrOasis Thelambu Pod Count

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Natural decor for high impact and big benefits for your animals.

  • Provides natural cover to help create a more calming and healthy environment
  • Unique natural decor for your fish to explore and thrive in
  • Additional surface area for fish to graze and forage on
  • Can naturally tint the water with beneficial tannins
  • Encourages natural behavior
The cavernous open shape of these pods gives your fish ample ways to explore their environment. From foraging, to grazing to spawning, your aquatic animals will have endless opportunities for enrichment. Adaptable for any aquarium, these pods are perfect for your bottom dwellers as well as dwarf cichlids, shrimp and snails.

Packaging: Thelambu Pods are safe to use right out of the package. Simply select the desired number of pods and place them in your aquarium. The pods may float when first added.

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