Kordon NovAqua Plus - 4 fl oz

Kordon NovAqua Plus - 4 fl oz

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NovAqua Plus - 4 fl oz

Kordon's NovAqua Plus is the new generation of one of the most trusted fresh and saltwater conditioners on the market. Developed over 35 years ago, NovAqua's proven formula is based on original research on the safest and most effective ways to detoxify tap water for aquarium and pond usage, keeping your fish, plants, and other aquatic inhabitants happy and healthy. NovAqua Plus improves on this formula by incorporating the latest advances in technological developments for aquarium and pond water conditioners. NovAqua Plus is capable of eliminating free copper ions and detoxifying heavy metals, as well as neutralizing chlorine and supplying a buffer to aid new aquatic inhabitants in adapting to their new environment and avoiding pH shock. But it does even more than that - NovAqua Plus provides an all-in-one package for providing everything aquatic life needs to safely inhabit tap water.

What's different with NovAqua Plus? NovAqua Plus has been completely reformulated from the original NovAqua solution, with new polymer colloids for fish protection, more effective chlorine removal, and new, increased ability to eliminate heavy metals from water, including toxic zinc, iron, aluminum, copper, arsenic, and more. NovAqua Plus also features new herbal ingredients for immune system health, preventing more viral and protozoan infections and helping to inhibit their growth when infections do occur. New vitamin ingredients have also been added, as well as electrolytes for a calming, stress-relieving effect on fish. Finally, NovAqua Plus features new product stabilizers for longer term storage, so the product remains just as powerful for even longer.

NovAqua Plus also helps to replace lost slime coats, protecting the skin of your fish. By providing a colloid coating, NovAqua helps to heal fish bodies when natural slime has been removed as a result of injury, disease, or rough handling. This coating as as a bandage, creating a barrier against severe loss of internal fluids and electrolytes and protecting damaged areas of the body against destructive external toxins and disease causing organisms. It also helps to concentrate certain drugs, antibiotics, and other medications at the diseased or wounded area of the fish's body. NovAqua Plus also contains cations and anions that freshwater fish need, especially during times of stress. Fish remove these ions from water with their gills, reducing levels of strain and anxiety.

Kordon NovAqua Plus is best used in conjunction with Kordon's AmQuel ammonia detoxifying solution.

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