M25 Euro Kit Black - Tidal Freshwater Set-up

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OceanVue Euro M25 

25 Gallon 

Looking for a high-quality, entry-level aquarium kit that doesn't compromise on style or functionality? Look no further than the OceanVue Euro Aquarium Kit. 
Crafted from top-quality materials and designed with a sleek and modern design, this complete kit has everything you need to get started with your first aquarium, including a high-quality glass tank with color matched frame, a reliable filtration system with built in heater, and energy-efficient LED lighting. The easy-to-use setup guide will have you up and running in no time, even if you're a beginner. 
The Euro Aquarium Kit is perfect for small to medium-sized spaces and is ideal for those just starting out with aquarium keeping. With its sleek and modern design, it's sure to be a beautiful addition to any room in your home or office. 
Experience the joy of watching colorful fish and peaceful underwater landscapes, all while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of owning an aquarium. With our entry-level kit, you can enjoy all of this at an affordable price. 
Don't wait, start your aquatic adventure today

  • OceanVue Euro M25 Aquarium     
    - Oceanvue Euro M25 Stand  
    - Aquael Leddy Slim 10w Light 
    - Tidal 35 Filter     
    - NEWA Therm 100w Heater    
    - Fritz Complete 8 oz   
    - FritzZyme 7 8oz 
    - FritzZyme 360 8oz    

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