Omega One Koi Sticks 8 oz

Omega One Koi Sticks 8 oz

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  • COLOR-BOOSTING NUTRITION: Wild Alaskan Salmon is a key ingredient in this formula. Salmon skin contains an extremely high level of natural pigments, which will drastically increase color in koi
  • DIGESTIVE AID: Fresh kelp and spirulina provide essential vitamins and minerals and aid in digestion
  • CLEANER POND WATER: Proteins are minimally processed, making our Koi Sticks insoluble to water and decreasing pollution in your pond
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Feed 1-3 times daily, using only as much food as fish can consume in two minutes
  • GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Min Crude Protein 32% / Min Crude Fat 8% / Max Crude Fiber 7% / Max Ash 7% / Max Moisture 8.5% / Min Phosphorus 0.5%

Product description

Size:8 oz

Like our other flake and pelleted foods, our pond foods are rich in fresh seafood ingredients. The use of these wholesome ingredients are critical to the long-term success of your ponds and the creatures that inhabit them. By using fresh ingredients you can count on less waste in the form of ash and fillers that, with existing fish-meal based pond foods, pass through the fish, undigested. Additionally the fresh fats and proteins will insure a level of palatability, previously unheard of in Pond Foods, resulting in very little if any uneaten food in the pond. You can expect to pay more for Omega One Pond Foods, because it is a more expensive food to make, but the results are worth it!