Seachem Flourish Glue - 0.28 oz - 2 pk

Seachem Flourish Glue - 0.28 oz - 2 pk

  • $9.99

Quick Overview

  • Powerful cyanoacrylate adhesive secures moss and aquatic plants
  • Bonds in seconds to driftwood, rocks, and even aquarium gravel!
  • Excellent for keeping bunch plants together and securely rooted
  • Also great for plastic repairs and general-purpose aquascaping
  • Suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Flourish Glue - 0.28 oz - 2 pk

Escape the struggles of planting aquarium flora, and never fumble with troublesome threads or weights again!

Seachem Flourish Glue is a remarkably strong and versatile adhesive that rapidly secures moss and live aquatic plants to aquarium surfaces including driftwood, rocks, and even gravel. This specially formulated cyanoacrylate gel bonds in seconds and provides exceptional control, hold, and durability. It works extremely well for planting bunch plants, and can even be applied underwater.

Flourish Glue is incredibly easy to use. Just apply a small amount to your moss or plant roots immediately before planting to enjoy secure, near-permanent placement and form. While primarily developed for aquatic planting, this versatile adhesive is also great for general-purpose aquascaping and plastic repairs in freshwater and marine aquariums. Flourish Glue is packaged in aluminum tubes to maintain stability, and will not dry up in the tube.