Sevenports   MA-067 Water Plant Soil (Coarse) - 8L

Sevenports MA-067 Water Plant Soil (Coarse) - 8L

  • $38.99

Mr. Aqua’s Water Plant Soil is composed using specific proprietary blends of organic and inert ingredients providing all essential elements as well as a stable and ideal rooting media. The soil will also provide buffering capacities for softening water as well as buffering pH from 6.6 – 6.8 depending on water parameters. The soil is a long lasting fertilized plant substrate recommended for use up to 12-18 months. It purifies water that is stained from driftwood.  It prolongs water exchange periods with its porous granular structure that is easily penetrated by plant roots.

One bag Covers approximately:  36″ x 12″ at 1″ deep, 20″ x 11″ at 2″ deep

Black in Color

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