Sicce Space EKO 100 Canister Filter

Sicce Space EKO 100 Canister Filter

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Design & Produced in Italy!

SPACE EKO are canister filters ideal for freshwater aquariums. A unique easy start up system, large filter capacity and silent operation make this range a very good choice for beginners. SPACE EKO canister filters come complete with all necessary tubing and connectors, filter media, a quick disconnect system for easy filter removal for maintenance, media baskets and heavy duty locking clips.

- Unique Self priming system which can be hanged directly on the tank. This priming system can be used to prime also other external filters.
- Quick Disconnect System: the filter body can be disconnected simply by closing the valves on the IN and OUT hoses.
- Easy removal and replacement of the filter media, modular basket with handle.

- Canister Volume: 4.0L
- Filtration Volume: 2.0L
- Tank Capacity: up to 25 gallons
- Number of Baskets: 2
-Tubing: 12/16mm, 6.5ft

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