Taiwan Moss 4 oz Portion Cup

Taiwan Moss 4 oz Portion Cup

  • $5.99

Taiwan Moss (Taxiphyllum alternans) is a lesser known, but excellent moss for both experts and beginners alike! It is an alternative to Java Moss that is quickly growing in popularity. It looks similar to Java Moss and Willow Moss and requires the same amount of care.

This is a great plant to keep in any freshwater aquarium due to its low lighting requirements. It is a moss that is capable of living in cold water tanks, as well as tropical tanks. It grows into bushy patches that are always a favorite hiding place for shrimp and fish fry.

We definitely foresee this moss becoming one of the most popular plants in the hobby in the near future, and we are pleased to offer it in a solid stainless steel mat form that makes it easy to attach to and begin propagating on rocks, driftwood, or aquarium substrate.

This is a very easy plant to keep without much extra care, but like all plants, it may benefit from sparing supplementation such as Seachem Flourish, Flourish Excel, nitrogen, and other plant supplements, although many aquarists have great success with this moss purely through keeping a well-maintained aquarium with no supplementation.