Tropical Supervit Granules - 1.94 oz

Tropical Supervit Granules - 1.94 oz

  • $4.99

Supervit Granules - 0.35 oz

Tropical Supervit Granules are a specialized multi-ingredient sinking granule food blend designed to energize your fish with healthy, natural sources of energy. Perfect for most species of popular omnivorous fish, specifically those that feed from the middle or bottom of the tank, Supervit Granules are highly nutritious and community aquarium friendly.

Tropical Supervit Granules include natural nutrients for your pet, such as fish protein, algae and crustaceans. These ingredients also help promote and intensify coloration, making these granules ideal for ornamental fish. These granules also include a healthy dosage of vitamin C to help to bolster your pets’ immune systems and aid in healing minor cuts and scratches.

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